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A life filled with art


Rebecca Hutchins

Artist, Owner



My Online Art Store gives you an easy access to a variety of work  - realism, abstract, expressionist, impressionist. You can browse the gallery with all my pieces guaranteed to be of the highest standards.
Find your favorite piece or have  your own art commissioned today!

I have been immersed in the world of art since I was just 10 years old, nurturing a deep-seated passion that guided me towards pursuing formal education in the field. My academic journey led me to Bowling Green State University, where I dedicated myself to the study of fine art. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art and a specialized focus in Graphic Design, I embarked on a dynamic artistic journey that has since seen me flourish in various creative avenues.

Over the course of my professional trajectory, I have woven together the threads of graphic design and commissioned painting into a harmonious tapestry. As a dedicated graphic artist, I've poured 32 years of experience into shaping visual narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. Simultaneously, my role as a commissioned painter spanning 35 years has empowered me to craft artistic creations tailored to the distinct tastes of a wide array of clients.

My artistic portfolio stands as a testament to this blend of experiences. The nature of commissioned work has allowed me to explore a diverse range of styles and techniques, painting a mosaic of my creative capabilities. In my exploration of abstraction, I've found a special interest for integrating textures that not only stimulate the visual senses but also invite tactile exploration. This is achieved through the utilization of mediums like modeling paste, sand, and fabric, each lending a three-dimensional quality to my canvases.

Central to my artistic philosophy is the interplay of dramatic colors and compelling contrasts that infuse vibrancy and depth into my creations. A wellspring of inspiration flows from my connection with nature, and this reverence for the natural world is intricately woven into my work.

My chosen medium is acrylic paint, the canvas acting as my creative playground where I bring visions to life. I seize the opportunity to experiment with heavy textures, augmenting the visual experience with the use of modeling paste, sand, and fabric. These elements converge to provide a multi-dimensional aspect that transcends the traditional two-dimensional canvas.

This is my narrative, a symphony of creativity, technique, and passion, harmonizing together to paint the vivid picture of my artistic journey.

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